09 April 2010

Knitting Slump

Currently I am not knitting much, mostly because all the current works in progress have a problem that I need to fix:

- Lace and Cable toe up socks: I can not count to 4 and have messed up the cable bit on the first sock

- March Mystery Sock at Sock Knitters Anonymus: I made assumptions instead of looking at the chart and messet up the second bit on the first clue on the first sock

- Mindless Sock: can not make up my mind on the pattern

- Knotty gloves: Spring and Gloves? no inspiration

- Selbu Gloves: see Knotty gloves

So instead I have been swatching for an Avocet B cardigan with yarn that should come out at 21 stitches (I need 20 for the pattern), but I get 17. Oh well, try again.

At least that means I currently read a good deal more, I read 3 books within the last week: two Kate Fansler mysteries by Amanda Cross and one urban fantasy by Patricia Briggs.

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ROZ said...

time to grab up some yarn and knit something that doesn't take too much concentration