23 May 2010

Sock pictures

These are my Winterstrand socks, done in time for the warm days we are finally having.

And these are MyGuy's boring blue socks taking it easy after their first outing with MyGuy last week when the weather was still nasty.

20 May 2010

and more socks

As I had the Winterstrand socks going, I cast on for another pair of MyGuy socks. Greyish cotton two by two ribbing for summer wear. Not that we have had much summery weather this month so far. April had been kinder to us.

Apart from that I have decided to join the WIP cup on ravelery and finish my Green Bob during the Worldcup (Soccer).

13 May 2010

Boring Blue Socks are done

The stockinette socks were finished on Tuesday and given to MyGuy who was pleased with the addition to his wardrobe.

New simple socks were cast on, double lace ribbing from more sensational knitted socks. The yarn reminds me of a winter day at the beach, so they are called Winterstrand. It has taken 5 attempts to find a pattern that worked with the length of the color changes, but now I am pleased.

11 May 2010


As we have just booked a week of vacation in Sicily for the beginning of June, I have read the third Commissario Montalbano mystery: Dieb der süssen Dinge. I have enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading more of them, but am looking to mooch them.

I have now restarted Nick Hornby's Slam.

09 May 2010

Mindless Knitting

I finished knitting my Thuja Sunrise yesterday and you can see them relaxing with part of their namesake on the balcony. I hope to get some action shots when MyGuy is around, but until then I will leave you with this relaxed picture of my fraternal twins.

After having needle and scissors out from kitchenering my second Thuja sunrise sock, I finished off the first one of the boring blue socks for MyGuy.