18 January 2012

4 new stars and a new knitting project

While MyGuy was out viewing Verblendung the american version, I managed to sew 4 stars for Max' Star quilt, they still need the sashing strips but at 11:30 I decided to call it a night. I have finally managed to screw up one of the star points by sewing the squares in opposite directions and then cutting the second one of before I realized it. Lucikly I could recut one, so the star still looks good.

As I cannot find half my hats and gloves (not that I have searched too hard yet, it was warmish until this week) I have cast on a new hat this morning on the train. Topdown and improvised, so wish me luck on figuring out the right number and spacing of increases.

16 January 2012

First Knitted FO 2012

I finished the girly socks, but have no picture as the battery on the camera was empty. I also ripped one of the christmas socks for MyGuy back to the gussett decreases and added two more sets of decreases as they are to wide and to long.

I did finish the 6th star for Max' Star quilt, but Sunday I spend more time watching downhill skiing and slalom than sewing.

12 January 2012

Flue brings progress

Due to some fever and flue I staid home from work and finished the first sock of both my Girly socks and my Cotty socks. And on the day I was almost good I started putting together Max' Stars. The first two are done and I am very pleased so far. I have cut 35 centers the same and the sashing posts will also be all the same, I do not have enough of any fabric to make all the sashings the same, but that is fine.

06 January 2012

05 January 2012

Convergence bordered

I have finally added borders to a small convergence quilt I made quite a while ago in a class with my mom. Black and white and red. I am quilte pleased with how it looks now.

This is a small size and I think will make a nice first project for my machine quilting resolution. However I have to dig out my manual first and get the tension right, at the moment I have a feeling my bobbin thread is popping up at the top of my sewing.

03 January 2012

Lone Star

The January palette by Vicky would be great as a Lone Star, I think, but white as the back drop? Or lime green and have the purples and blues form the star...

02 January 2012

Send my Kaleidoscope off

At least I hope it went off, I have left it with the Best of All Husbands to be send to my mom for quilting. I finished adding the border strips, sewed up a backing and put the binding fabric in there, too. Tape shut and address to Mom. Done!

Sunrise today