28 August 2006

Cold Weather but no progress

With August we got cold and rainy weather but instead of crafting a lot, I went back to reading for a while.

I read David Lodge's Think, The Giver, a book by Deirdre Martin, another book (a romance I think) that I already sold via amazon and am currently close to the end of Neil Gaiman's Anasi Boys. I had not read any Lodge for some time and therefore enjoyed it, even though it is the same old topics of affairs and academics. Gaiman's book is great and I had read American Gods earlier which gave me an idea of what to expect. I plan on finally finishing Amy Tan's Saving Fish from Drowning next. Just a few chapters left...

I did knit a bit on my Jaywalkers and am up to the heel of the second sock. I also cast on once more with the tan cotton sock wool I have, but once again am not satisfied. I will have to go down a needle size with those, I think. I knit a bit on my Noro Cardigan, too, but am not satisfied with the instructions. They are vague and lacking a diagram. But I am past the armhole decreases, so the fronts should be finished soon and then I can guess how much yarn I will need to purchase to finish it.

I stitched not at all on my Frederic and very little on the Seahorses.

My quilt URGENTLY needs a border to then go to Mom for quilting, if I want to give it as a gift in October.

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