27 September 2006

Knitting History

I am one lucky girl: I won a wonderful Japanese book from Julia at Knitting History! It's already here and great. Not that I understand a word of the Japanese but the pictures are inspiring. I am really looking forward to trying one of the hats or shawls.

- the first pair of Jaywalkers is nearing completion during my daily train trips, this morning I reached the toe of sock number 2
- since the weather is turning cool, rainy and very fall like I am determined to finish my Bob sweater (from http://knitty.com ): short sleeved and cotton. Yes, I too think that that is weird, but I love the yarn and the color... I am knitting the sleeves: two in the round at the same time, not my favorite method, but it beats the alternatives hands down. Luckily they are only 2" until I will join them to the body. Yes, I am taking liberties with the construction of that sweater.
- coming up: boyfriend socks as it is his birthday at the end of October. I got some nice neutral tan Jawoll yarn. That will be my first time knitting with that brand, usually Regia is what I can lay hands on. Let's see if I can make them so boring that he will actually wear them...


Zarzuela said...

Good luck with Bob! :) It's a nice sweater. I don't blame you for changing the construction. I kind of thought it should be the way you are doing it in the first place!

I had to laugh at your last line. Aren't boys funny about their clothing? :)


Mandella said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I see exactly what you mean about ribs and cables.

Aren't Jaywalkers a great knit?