28 September 2006

Jaywalkers done

Watching soccer I finished my Jaywalkers. I love them, they are cotton Regia and I am already wearing them. Let's see if I can get My Guy to take a photo of them at some point the next couple of days.

I had a rather annoying TV evening as the cable channels have changed and my TV does not adjust them automatically. I have now more channels, but it was hard work to find the ones I had before again and save them on their old places on my TV. And I am still missing the second Swiss channel. Grr. If I can not find it this winter will be BAD. They are my favorite channel for downhill skiing.

I had an okay day yesterday and then went swimming a 1000 meters with a former collegue. That was good and we plan to do it more often. After that I did not see a very low step and fell, skinned my knee and twisted my ankle. Then they had changed my TV channels and I could not find my fifth ebony DPN. I used a metal one to finish the Jaywalkers, but was seriously annoyed. I love those needles. Luckily that one took a turn to the better this morning as I found needle #5 stuck in my sweater vest. Yeah!

This is especially good as I want to use the ebony's for My Guy's socks. I think I know what I want to do for them. Diamond frames in purl stitches on a stockinette background. Now what ribbing to use with that...

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Stitch or no stitch said...

Looking forward to seeing a picture of you in your Jaywalkers.
Have a great weekend.