10 March 2007

Slow going

Not much news here. I have finished another pair of socks from another Nancy Bush pattern, these are for MyGuy, so they are a bit large for the feet in the photo - mine. I also finally finished shortening the very first socks I made for him.

I managed to read my March tbr book already, Bahrisons. I did not much care for it, though it was not a bad book. It was more of his childhood and less of the store than the title had let me to believe and I found it very superficial.
I got Crystal Soldier from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller and reead it in one go. I am now looking forward to the second one of theses "early" Liaden books.

I have been to my parents last weekend, took a patchwork class, love what I did, but haven't taken a photo yet. More on this when I have a photo.

We are taking a week of vacation time which is much needed if the fraying of my nerves is any sort of indicator...


Rebecca said...

Hope your vacation went well. The Plain Winter Socks will be well loved!

Zarzuela said...

Couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on the first post so I'm leaving this here. Both pairs of socks look wonderful! I like your vacation picture too. Looks like a good place to relax and enjoy. :)