26 April 2007

Reading Slump

I am currently in a total reading slump. I have started at least 5 books and none of them holds my attention: Book Borrower, Seekarte, Born in Death, Collapse, Bookmarked to Die, This Pen for Hire are all started, but have been put aside fairly early on. So, knitting and a bit of cross stitching. I need to take some pictures.

Until then I will leave you with the new picture of my profil, taken during Earth Day reforestation work.

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Bookfool said...

I'm in a bit of a reading slump, too. What a terrific photo! You were made to wear hats - you look so cute! And, happy belated anniversary.

I'm checking links to make sure everyone signed up for the Chunkster Challenge is still at a functioning site and having a little drawing. Drop by and check in if you have time!