26 September 2007

Limited Return

I am back to work and moved into the new flat, but still without internet access at home. (Need to figure out the PCs place and get either a long cable or a wireless.)

I did not knit or stitch at all through my absence, but at least I read a bit: Curse of Arckady, Hunt Ball, Polysylibical Spree, Bear Island, Point of Honor, Among the Tibetans all finally got read. I have now started Bad Dirt. Currently I read what I can find since my books are mostly still packed up since we need to figure out where the bed we ordered will fit and the other room will default to library. It makes for fun reading if you just pick up what you find. But it is very bad for the challenges as I can not find the books I put aside for those.


fillyjonk said...

Welcome back!

If you got my e-mail -good.

If not - if it got lost in the shuffle - I can e-mail you again.

(The package arrived just fine, several weeks ago.)

Eva said...

I loved Polysyllabic Spree!

Nicola said...

I haven't read any of those books!