29 August 2007

Off for a While

I am preparing to move and am working like crazy at packing up all the books for that. I am looking forward to living with MyGuy, but am currently stressed out. However it is my birthday tomorrow, so I will take a break from packing and (but don't tell MyGuy) get myself at least one more book. I will likely not have internet in the new flat right away, so you will hear less from me, especially since we also will be on vacation as soon as the move is effected.


DesLily said...

I don't envy your packing!..but much good luck on the move and your new life!.. I hope we hear from you soon.

Ann said...

Thanks for the tip on the Fleece Artist. I just washed them & they are drying now - hope they will be a little softer. Good luck on your move & a belated Happy Birthday to you.

Margaret said...

Sorry I missed your birthday - hope you had a great one.
Congrats on moving in with DBF. I wish you two a very happy life together.
Any chance of you pulling Fred out once you get settled in?