04 August 2007

Finished Sockapaloozas

These are my finished sockapalooza socks worn by me to show how they will look "blocked". They could use a bit of blocking as you can see from the other picture, but I do not own sockblockers and did not come up with anything good, so unblocked they will remain, though I will give them a gentle swish in the sink to get rid of the dirt they might have collected on the train (and on my feet). The pattern on the leg is called Faces in the Crowd by Barbara Walker, but I kept thinking of Friendly Faces. The instep pattern is a chevron from a different Treasury book. The socks are bit big on my feet as my pal has slightly larger feet. I just hope she can get them over her heels, they are a bit thight there.
I am pleased that I am fairly on time with these socks and with how they turned out. The yarn is from Wollmeise and the blue and red are prominent in my pal's national flag. They will go out on Monday, hope she will like them!


sockpal said...

They look great -- I'm glad to see you tried colorwork -- I hope you enjoyed making them. Your socks are in the wash and will be put in the mail tomorrow!

pat said...

Look at those cute little faces!! What a clever pattern! I love the bright blue and red too.

Phoebe said...

I love the socks you knit for your pal...what a clever idea! I definitely see the Gansey in your future!