10 March 2007

Slow going

Not much news here. I have finished another pair of socks from another Nancy Bush pattern, these are for MyGuy, so they are a bit large for the feet in the photo - mine. I also finally finished shortening the very first socks I made for him.

I managed to read my March tbr book already, Bahrisons. I did not much care for it, though it was not a bad book. It was more of his childhood and less of the store than the title had let me to believe and I found it very superficial.
I got Crystal Soldier from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller and reead it in one go. I am now looking forward to the second one of theses "early" Liaden books.

I have been to my parents last weekend, took a patchwork class, love what I did, but haven't taken a photo yet. More on this when I have a photo.

We are taking a week of vacation time which is much needed if the fraying of my nerves is any sort of indicator...

01 March 2007

Classic Challenge

The goal was to read 5 classics in January and February. What did I read? Not a single one of the five I had listed. I thought I might at least make it through 2-3, but with a reading slump that was just not happening. So this challenge I failed completely.

New goal: read the five books in the remaining 10 months of 2007.

Silas Marner
Moby Dick
Day & Night
For whom the Bell Tolls