26 April 2007

Reading Slump

I am currently in a total reading slump. I have started at least 5 books and none of them holds my attention: Book Borrower, Seekarte, Born in Death, Collapse, Bookmarked to Die, This Pen for Hire are all started, but have been put aside fairly early on. So, knitting and a bit of cross stitching. I need to take some pictures.

Until then I will leave you with the new picture of my profil, taken during Earth Day reforestation work.

23 April 2007

Second "Anniversary"

Today marks the beginning of the third year that MyGuy and I are together. I am happy and looking forward to many more.

10 April 2007

Just some picutres

This is a photo of me while we were on vacation. We had a lovely week at a wellness place and this picture was taken during one of our excursions to the ruins and sights in the area.

These socks were intended for February/March of Project Spectrum, but were only finished at the beginning of April when I really wanted to start lilac socks for the Townsend KAL yahoo group. The pattern is from Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks book. I am slowly working my way through the ribbing patterns in there as they make wonderful train knitting.

This is my head start on PS for April/May. Started when snow hit again after our lovely WARM vacations this is going to be Isabella from Knitty. For once I am using the actual yarn the model was done in.

Another PS project, though this has been an UFO for ages. I have finally finished the curved units and am now in the process of putting them together in a Drunkard's Path. The first row is done, I hope to get some more done on it today.