07 February 2008

No Photos - sorry

While the center of my Carolina Crossroads has been sewn together for quite some time there is no photo as I can not find the card reader for the digicam. Grrr. I finally faced the fact that I will need to press the center before I can continue with the borders. I got wildly different measurements yesterday and think I might make things easier by pressing first. At least I have finally decided what I want to do. I will add a small pink (dark) border and then add two rows of railpatches in green and yellos (accent and light). I was thinking about only green borders, but felt that that would look to massive compared to the center. I will bind with pink, too, and think I might make corner stars.

I finished the socks for my collegue who has now decided to stay, yeah! So I have socks that will not fit anyone in my house, hmm, might just give them to her anyway.

I finished a pair of blue socks for MyGuy on Wednesday, too, they were one of the Stanfield patterns in Sensational Socks.

Yesterday I cast on for the second of the Country socks for MyGuy using some solid brown for heel, ribbing and toe and Wollmeise Zenzi leftover from earlier socks for the main part. This is the first time I did calf shaping, I am curious how that will fit.

So lots of projects, no photos. I plan on making Canal di Midi socks for myself next and have cast on for a pair of Madder Rib Socks in Choclatier yesterday. This is my first time using HazelKnits yarns, it seems a bit thicker than the normal yarn.


Tracy said...

That is awesome you finished your center!

Technology can be frustrating, I hope you get to post a pic soon:)

Bess said...

Hey - thank you for that great sleeve tip on my blog.