27 November 2008

Reading Challenges

Must be the winter weather, I am considering more and more reading challenges. These are the ones I am contemplating in addition to the RYOB, TBR and A to Z challenges I have already decided no:

- 9 for 09
- Latin American Challenge
- Jewish Literature Challenge
- Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge
- Lost in Translation
- Numbers Challenge
- War and its Impact
- Series Season 3
- Orbis Terrarum
- World Citizen Challenge
- Read your Name
- What is in a name?


Margaret said...

Good to hear from you. The Christmas tree bookmark is yours. As a fellow avid reader I would love for you to have it. Just email your snail mail address to me at megratdataviadotcom and I'll get it in the mail.

Love all those book challenges!! I'm going to sign up for the 'read your own books' as I have waaaay to many that I WANTED but never read.

Oh by the way - if you would like a chance at winning a pinkeep in 2009 just let me know on my posting 'Win a Pin'

hugs, Margaret

Margaret said...

Hope you received my email.