06 December 2008

Numbers Challenge

I have decided to take the numbers challenge. These books will double as some of my TBR challenge.

1. 1421 by Gavin Menzies
2. Die dritte Tür by Patrick O'Leary
3. 1st to die by James Patterson
4. Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly
5. Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich

The last one means I have to find book 10 that I had last week and can not lay hands on this week and read it.

1 comment:

Callista said...

Thanks for joining my Numbers Challenge, sorry it took so long to get you added. I'll assume that second book is a number in another language??

If you plan to write reviews of your books (even if it's just a few words) then be sure to come back to the blog and leave a link to your review in the approrpiate post. Thanks.