31 March 2008

Fitness for last week

Not too bad, not too good. I went to the gym on Thursday, but only went walking on the treadmill for 45 min (my first time, not sure I did the programm stuff correctly). Didn't do any weights as I was plain worn out.
I went swimming on Sunday (the pool is a disgrace, but the people are nice) and swam 1000 meters.

Back to the gym today.

Mini Stricktreff

We had a mini knitters' meeting on Saturday and it was fun to get together. I was being destructive rather than constructive and started to frog a sweater in Rowan's All Season Cotton that I am not wearing because it looks like a sack. I managed one sleeve there, then needed to cast on another sock to numb the pain of taking out all my carefully hidden yarn ends and unraveling all those seams.

By now I have both sleeves ribbed and the body pieces seperated. So the unknitting can continue.

28 March 2008

Reading rather than crafting

This days the pendulum has swung back to reading and I am using my commute to finally read some of my Mt. TBR books. I am currently making my way through Quicksilver and that will keep me busy for a bit longer as it is almost 1000 pages. I have read the first quarter by now. It is interesting and challenging and makes me want to dig out biographies on Newton and Leibnitz to see how historically correct the book is.

Some crafting will get done on Saturday when the Bodenseestricker meet at Eva (lakeside's) place. For more information find us on Strickspiration.

24 March 2008


Finally I got around to taking some pictures of finished socks. First the choclate socks with the madder ribbing from Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.

Second the Caffee Lichen socks in caffee latte colorway and lichen patterning from the same book.

The third is the first of my finally started Jacobean Socks for the Sock Knitters Penthalon. Luckily we have until end of April to finish them so there is yet hope for me. I managed to do the magic cast on with DPNs and am knitting my second ever toe up socks.

These are slip stitch socks that remind me of Turkey for some reason.

14 March 2008

Great Nature Photo

I found this wonderful photo with a bird and a bee on a czech blog:


What is in a name challenge

A pity I missed this challenge, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Back to the get fit part

I am back to the last bit on my blog description: trying to get fit. This week I was twice in the fitness studio, so at long last I am getting back to this. Now I have to keep up with it. Not always easy when I know MyGuy is home.

12 March 2008

Spring Knitty

The new spring knitty is out and I have already one pattern that I will have to knit: Yosemite.

06 March 2008

Caffee Lichen

Yesterday during the AS Roma vs Real Madrid game I was able to finish my Lichen Ribbing socks in Caffee Latte, Caffee Lichen. MyGuy said they were good looking, but we didn't take pics yet. I am pleases with them and with the fact, that they are off the needles as this means I can start the Sock Knitters Pentalon with the lovely Jacobean socks. Just need to decide if they should be Löwenzahn bei Wollmeise or Regia Silk in black...