21 July 2008


This was a good weekend. We put up an additional bookcase on Saturday and I could empty three more of my book boxes, plus the PCs now have a proper home. In the afternoon we had Stricktreff, but I had forgotten my camera. Betty might have pictures up, go visit her via the sidebar link. It was a nice afternoon and we got to meet Esther. We missed Petra, Eva, Britta and Bianca. It looks like the next meeting will be on the 16th of August at Bettina's place. I started my Boyfriend socks (a pattern we are KAL with our new cable knitters)and am in love with the Trekking. Looks like I got my knitting mojo back. Might therefore eventually end up with my green Bob, the poor thing is currently sidelined.

Sunday I had time to sew as MyGuy was sleeping the morning away. So I managed to sew 8 more blue stars for my Ohio Stars and Railfences quilt. Now I need to add 18 more red stars to the 7 I already have. I layed out a tiny bit of the quilt to see if things looked ok and am happy to report they are. In the afternoon we watched Fomula 1 and then went to the sauna.

I also finished reading Making Money by Terry Pratchett and am already looking forward to seeing Moist as tax man. As usual an enjoyable read.

16 July 2008

Liberated Quiltmaking

I would love to be part of the Liberated Quiltmakers web ring but I do too much work from patterns, so I do not qualify. Still I enjoy looking at the blogs in the ring.

06 July 2008

Orange Crush and QfaH

This is the Quilt for An Hour from Judy's Sunshine Qilts. I changed the sahes and need to add the borders. I am still thinking aout the borders however. Today I finally sewed together the rows of my OC. I do not reallylike the purple in the album blocks. It looks worse in real life. Maybe some applique... And once again, this quilt has no bordes yet. I am thinking about Bonnie's pieced ones, but might do something different. I still have units left over however.

World Knitting Day

Some one dropped a stitch:Someone else had to pick it up...
Petra and Betty are "saving" Petra's sock by catching the runaway stitch.

My sock was beyond saving, but needed to be documented for the blog:

It would only have fit a stork. Bye-bye, pretty sock.

01 July 2008

What I am up to

It seems I am back to reading at the moment and am working my way through a couple of books from my Mount ToBeRead. I have read Secret Country, Death of an Irish Consul and finished Wer bin ich und wenn ja wieviele. Currently I am stuck on 1000 Splendid Suns, because I can just tell something horrible will happen next. Ugh! So I started another mystery: Monsterous Regiment of Women. Very enjoyable commuter reading.

However that means nothing new on the sock front. I thought I would knit during the games of the EM, but no such thing. So Bob is still unfinished.

On the other hand I did finish sewing my 40 rail road blocks and tried out 2 of the red stars for my Ohio Stars and Rails quilt from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site. I plan on making 25 red stars with hearts in the center and 16 blue ones with Betty Boops in the center. It will then likely be A Heart for Betty or I Heart Betty. Not sure yet, but the little Betty's have been stash for ages and now at least some of them will make it in a quilt.