27 January 2015

Calender Week 4

I finally finished the Georgette Heyer biography, but now am not finding any book that captures me. However (2/10) read.

I lost another pound and now weigh under 75 kg again (74,7 kg).

Gym got a bit lost due to my cold, but I did take my first few running steps for this year over the weekend. It does not amount to any real distance, but mentally I have a good feeling because I got started. My knees are not too keen on it, but hopefully the weight loss will help with that and I am not going to have to go to the doctors.

I restarted sewing on MyGuy's orange blocks and think of calling it Sicilian Oranges to remind us of our nice vacation there. 64 done, 117 needed altogether, so more than half way there. I have also sewn a few star blocks for my quilt using them as leaders and enders.

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