09 March 2015

Calender Week 10

Forgot to weigh myself this morning. Cannot be good news with no sport and lots of sweets.

I am reading the sequel to Old Man's war and am enjoying it. I suspect my dad will like them too once I get there again.

I finished the first clue of the Kamelia mystery from Vera Sanon just in time for clue 4 to come out. Now I need to find my 2mm needles for the pick up of the sleeves, but while I have found anything from 2,75 to 5 mm, so far no luck with the 2mm. I have also done my swatch for the Rangel Kal that starts tomorrow and because I needed something brainless I have cast on another cardi in the meantime. However brainlessness was overachieving and I had to rip 297 stitches times 5 as I had used totally the wrong needle size. Duh! Restarted, I love Simply Merino, just hope the colors work out.

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