02 March 2015

Calender Week 9

Weight: 73,3 kg. Surprised but happy. Now I am actually more motivated to go back to working out. Luckily it seems that walking to and from the railroad station already helps with a lot of it. Happy!

Still knitting on MyGuy's socks, but expect to have them finished by next weekend at least as I hope to go to St. Wendel and see him then. The knitting meeting this Saturday was small, but nice and I have made nice progress on the back of the Spring Mystery Camellia. As I am knitting eastern uncrossed and my hands are not used to that it takes longer and more concentration than stockinette usually does. On the other hand it does not row out, so well worth it.

Not a stitch sewn.

Small progress on decluttering, but every little bit counts.

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