31 October 2006

Socktober already on it's last day?

I have a serious case of STARTERITIS. That is why I need to follow Sarah in extending Socktober (see this entry: http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/6626188). I still have the blue socks (child's first socks) with sock one close to the toe; I have started the witch socks that are due today for Petra's contest but due to work and the need to concentrate on two charts simultaniously that is far from the heel, but will look cool, maybe for next years Halloween; the yellow socks have not been touched at all, but will make nice mindless commuter knitting once I get over my love affair with Thujas; red Thuja for myself was started and is on it's way to the toe for the first sock.

Cross Stitching is even worse. I had a bunch of WIPs already: Flight Show, Reading Dragon, Santa (only beads missing), Fall scene, Heart by M Designs, Name Sign for my friend Monika, seahorses were all in different states off unfinished. Now I have added a Michael Powell's Mini design and by Heart in Hand Pumpkins. The last one might actually get finished stitching as it is fairly straight forward with lovely space died threads. But then it will join my Plant Kindness design in the cue to be finished. May be My Guy's father could make a frame for the kindness design.

Sewing: I need to finish my pj top as it is getting colder again. I also want to add some stars for friends and family to my christmas giving.

Christmas shopping will need to be done within the next 4 weeks, because I am NOT going shopping after 1st of December. I go to christmas markets, but for the Gluehwein not for shopping. So this Santa will have to make a list and check it twice.

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