06 November 2006

Finishes and Semi-finishes

This weekend I did some of the things that I had been dragging my feet about: added a button to CeCe (wearing it now over a black longsleeved shirt), sewed around the button hole on my cutaway so that finally the button would stay closed and while I was at it I added the button on my white summer trousers back on. Now CeCe and Cutaway are finally finished.

On Friday I have finished the toes on my first Child's First Sock and on my first Thuja for me. I have also cast on for the second "Child" sock and a new Make Waves sock. I worked on the yellow opal sock in Twin Rib some more and while I like the yarn quality I think I will not buy this sort of self patterning yarn anymore. The black sock that I started for Petra's Witch Sock contest will have to be ripped as I messed the spideer chart up several times and am now in a position to no longer manage to finagle things. So the sock is in time out until next weekend when it will get ripped. This are the semi finishes.

Last week I joined the Red Sweater KAL and obviously that was all it needed for me to finally finish my red summer sweater. Bob (from Knitty) was bound of at 9pm and thanks to my alterations (knitting a Raglan in the round instead of in pieces flat) it was sewn up and all ends woven in by 9:40. It looks good too, so I am happy. Unfortunatelly with around 5 degrees Celsius it is a bit cold for short sleeves.

I finally got the old digi cam from MyGuy and took some pictures, but to upload them I need a loading station/cable and that I have to buy first. So it will take a bit longer until this is a blog with pics.

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