25 November 2006

Red Thujas finished

I was away at for a business meeting and since they supplied us with playdoh and other toys to keep us awake and alert I figured I was going to take my knitting in the meetings. That created more attention then I thought, but non negative. And now my red Thujas are finished.

I have upon returning home also tried to take a picture of my Bob sweater before it goes into storage, but standing in my bath tub on my toes with a three section mirror does not make for great photos possible.

I have finished reading three books since I last posted. Letter from Home by Carolyn Hart, Im Westen nichts Neues by Erich Maria Remarque (one from my November and Stack Challange list) and Fatal Tide by Iris Johanson which I got from my boyfriend. All three were good reads and I am glad I finally read Im Westen nichts Neues. Sitting around in airports and on planes you get an awful lot read. I am now reading Blind Assassin by Margret Atwood so I guess book 3 for the November challange (Catch 22) will not actually be read in November, but as it also counts for my Stack Challange I will read it in December.

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Stitch or no stitch said...

Great socks & great sweater. Hey, taking a picture this way may not be perfect but at least we get to see what it looks like. Glad to hear that the yarn changed colors on its own as the way I figured you were knitting looked pretty complicated to me.
Thanks for introducing me to the 'Overdue Books Reading Challenge'. I immediately signed up and have finished the first of my 5 books. It is 'Winterdance' by Gary Paulsen and I highly recommend it. I'm really looking forward to what you think of 'The Blind Assasin' as I've only read one Margaret Atwood 'The Handmaid's Tale' which was strange to say the least.
Have you stitched on 'Frederick' at all? I haven't for quite some time.