13 November 2006

Reading Challanges

Kailana’s November Reading Challenge: “It will soon be the month of November, and I have been thinking about it a lot lately. In Canada, November is the month that Remembrance Day falls in, being November 11th. So, I got to thinking, I might do a reading challenge where I read books set in World War I and World War II.”

I have decided to have a go at this too:

1. Pat Barker's Another World (which has a WWI surviver in it and I will count it)
2. Catch 22
3. Im Westen nichts Neues

These are all in my book stack and so can count towards my From the Stacks Winter Reading Challenge. I will add two more to that one:

4. Widow for one Year
5. Blind Assassin

The challange here is to read 5 books from the stack by end of January. I am cheating in having my books in both challanges, but they qualify for both.

I have read this weekend the last two books of the Spiderwick series. I have enjoyed them, though they were not the best children's fantasy that I have read.

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Stitch or no stitch said...

Thanks for introducing me to the Overdue Books Reading Challenge. I've signed up.
Love the cool socks you made. Must have been very difficult with all the color changes.
Your Wee One Pumpkins is very cute. I like the idea of the small frame and then switching projects per season.