27 May 2007

Bamboo Socks finished

My Guy's bamboo socks are finally finished. As a matter of fact his mother asked about the pattern stitch as she likes them. The pattern is ringwood from Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I am happy to have them of the needles. Because it gets me a good bit closer to my sockapalooza pal's socks.

This are all the skeins of Wollmeise yarn I own and some of it will end up on the needles above and eventually on my pal's feet. I have wound the first skein, but need a second one to get started. The other skeins will become more socks for me.
This is the quilt top finished (unironed as usual). I am trying two different fabrics for borders, but might just bind it without borders. Next Saturday we will visit my mom, so I will get more input.

I have finished reading The Golden Compass and have read Atwood's The Tent. The later is short stories which I seem to read currently. So I am looking forward to June's TBR book the Shell Seeker with more short stories. I have started Booked to Die by Dunning, but am not sure I will stick with it.


fillyjonk said...

I like the quilt - it makes me think of hawks flying overhead.

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...

Das Wollmeise-Garn ist ja toll. Eine Farbe schöner als die andere.