20 June 2007

Ladder of Life finished

These are my ladder of life socks. They were originally intended for MyGuy, but were deemed to colorful and too patterned. Sigh! I have briefly considered giving them to MyGuy's nephew or nephew's girlfriend as they are both volunteers for the THW, but think the patterning might not be good in work boots. So they are mine. Much too hot for socks now, but at least the needles are free and I can borrow one for the sockapaloozas.

I finished sewing all the rows for my Bodensee quilt (calling a blue quilt Treehouse seems a bit ridiculous). Now the rows need to be joined and we will see if I add borders or just finish it like this which is what the book is showing.


pat said...

I didn't put borders on my last quilt and I really like it that way!
(Your post is quite color coordinated today)

Dipsy said...

Awww, these socks look fantastic, what a gorgeous colorway! Men - I wonder why most of them will always go for the darkest colors in socks? Mine's the same - but well, this means more socks for me ;)
I totally love your quilt too, these colors are just the best, reminding me of summer, sun, the beach and most of all the ocean - and the Bodensee of course! You're doing some beautiful craft work - I'm glad I've found your blog!
Best wishes from Innsbruck, and keep up the good work!

andrea said...

Thank you for visit my blog and for your comments. Those blue socks look great!

Jennifer said...

Awesome quilt!