18 June 2007

Oh, man!

Just when I have reached the toe of my first sockapalooza 4 sock, I broke not only the yarn, but also the needle. Grr! So annoying. Now I have another set of 2.25 mm though not from the same company and I will borrow one of those needles, but to do so I have to finish my ladder of life socks where I am using those. Now that is not quite as bad as it sounds as I have just turned the heel on the second sock, but it threw a spanner in things and I did not need that grief!

On the other hand the sockapalooza socks look good and are a bit thight over the heel, but can be put on and off, so we are fine. My embossed leaves socks are a bit strippy which I did not expect, but do not mind and I am up to 1 1/2 pattern repeats. For something that only gets knit at MyGuy's that is not bad. I did sew the first 3 rows of my "Treehouse" quilt together and like it. I had to trim the blocks quite a bit, so it will be smaller than the original, but that is fine with me.

I have read Undead and Unpopular this weekend and have decided to stop reading the series, Betsy is too much of a selfish moron in this book. I am still reading my June TBR book, Shell Collector, but do not enjoy the story I am currently reading: Caretaker. I have started The Demon and the City this morning on the train, but can not say anything yet as I only read a couple of pages.


Margaret said...

My goodness Kucki - you have been busy!! Your knitting is getting more intricate all the time. Sorry about the broken needle - just working so hard I think.

Your quilt looks great. These big projects are always real challenges aren't they?

On the reading front I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been putting a book down. I was reading Charles Frasier's "Cold Mountain" which the whole world seems to love and can't get past page 200 at the moment. So what did I do? I put it down for the moment and started re-reading my Harry Potters in anticipation of the last book. The last time I read "the Philsopher's Stone" was 2000 and I am loving it again.

Have a good week.

Cindiluhu said...

Love your quilt! I really need to get some of mine finished. I have lot's of tops completed but not a lot of quilting done.

Yosemite said...

The sock is fantastic. I love the colours. I envy you being able to do colour knitting. I can do it but I am not happy with my results so I don't try anymore.

Sorry about the broken needle. That's the main reason I do magic loop now. How you tried it? No more dpns once you get the hang of how it works.