27 July 2007


I heard from my sock pal just after I had realized that I needed to get going with my sockapalooza socks again. I am now 6 rows away from the heel and expect to finish them next week.

Knitting these socks makes me wonder when a sock pattern is a new design. I have combined 2 patterns from different Treasuries from Barbara Walker and did something nice with the heel, but I am not sure if this could be put out as a pattern without infringing Barbara Walker's copyright. Possibly not.

It was nice to hear from my pal, but I had not been worried. (Waves to Pal!!!)

This Sunday my parents are coming for a visit, so tomorrow I need to do some cleaning and hope to combine it with a bit more decluttering. I am getting better at throwing things out, but there is still more than we can move.

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Margaret said...

It's been ages since I visited - sorry about that. Looks like you have been keeping very busy. How do you have the patience for all that intricite quilting Kucki?
Checked your reading list from several posts ago - I've read the Sue Henry which was very good. Personally I'm in a Harry Potter phase. I just finished re-reading the first six and #7 just arrived from Amazon. It's supposed to be the best of them all.
Do you ever stich on Frederick anymore? I'm aiming to have him done by the end of 2007. Hope I make it.
Enjoy your parents visit.