22 July 2007

Loot and Process

After more than 2 months I finally got the surface delivery of my Elann order. You can see my loot in the first photo.
This is the first of my ugly socks. Not much progress and you get a glimpse at my Mannheim tea cup (it lights the windows when you pour warm beverages in it, advertising the electricity company in Mannheim) and my PC table.
These look much less turquois than they do in real life, where they are more bluish. Those are blocks 5 and 6 of 12 for my current Jewel Box quilt. They are taking so far 3 fabrics from my stash so Judy's (Sunshine Quilts) July Stash Challenge is met. We will see what I do with those blocks once I have finished them. They would make a quilt of 120 cm by 160 cm on their own which is a size I do not like.


pat said...

I like the jewel box colors as they are on my monitor! That is going to be a beautiful quilt whatever size it is!

sockpal said...

Hi there, I'm working away on your socks and am planning on getting your package in the mail early next week, though I don't think I'll be ahead of the game as I had hoped. I'm having fun getting these ready for you!

Looks like a good haul from Elann, though it's too bad you had to wait so long.