01 July 2007

Summer of Socks Start

This is the sunspot sock with the first couple of rows. Not much progress, I know, but it is not a train sock, so it will be slow.

This on the other hand is my current commuter sock, a simple Nancy Bush Vintage Sock ribbing in an ugly yarn, that needed to leave my stash.
Since I am working on lots of things at the moment and have more WIPS than you want to count, here an old FO. I made this while I was at university. It only has two fabrics and it was quite a challenge to find enough sampler blocks for it. However I love it and think it turned out fairly balanced. I love the starkness of the two fabrics, made necessary by the fact that I could not find anything that would go with the purply-wine colored Jaquard. So plain muslin was used. I love two color quilts, but normally go with scrappy and different values.

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Finn said...

Hi Kucki, I wanted to stop over and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm always happy to see a new face..*VBS* I love the socks you have in progress over the summer. I'm an old sock knitter of many years, but between arthritsis and poor vision, I only knit occasionally these days.
Love the two color quilt! Looks very expertly executed in terms of patterns and balance. The 2 color aspect is sriking, and you should be soooo proud of it.
The one a couple of posts down, I think you refer to it as "Treehouse-which seems perfect to me" is just lovely. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise..*VBS*
I'll mark you Kucki Cookies blog and be back to see what you are up to. Hugs, Finn