29 March 2009


As you can see we had a good crowd at my place on Saturday. Much talking, much fun, not so much knitting. However Ramona's vest was fnished and modeled for us and Monika brought along some beatiful stuffed animals. The green Easter Bunny was too cute! Betty had some more of her beautiful sock yarn and a few of us had a little s*e*x.

We missed Cory and hope she is feeling better soon. Sylvia and Britta were also absent and missed.

MyGuy had a field day with the ladies and his new lamp and made portraits from everyone. Much hilarity ensued, but everyone thought her photo was okay.

Ladies, I hope I can make it next time!

Stash Quilt

Finally a picture of my stash project from Judy's pattern.

Hat Redo

The ladies who were at the Stricktreff yesterday will be pleased to hear that I ripped the hat and redid it, so it is now long enough to cover my ears. So we can hope to get spring tricked into showing up, as I now have winter wear.

26 March 2009

Tiger Socks finished

Another pair of socks done. The socks were literally finished on the platform waiting for the delayed train home.

24 March 2009

Zig Zag Quilt Instruction

This is just to keep the link for myself. And for you to enjoy.

Train Socks done

I have over the weekend finished one pair of socks, and have proudly worn them yesterday, however a crisis under the sink prevented us taking photos.

20 March 2009


If I catch whomever ordered snow for the first day of spring all hell will break loose! I want some spring here.

I guess I am cranky because I had the flu and could not sew. I did knit a bit on my two socks in progress, the train and the TV sock and they are both approaching the heel of the second sock, so photos and completed pairs may yet happen this month.

17 March 2009

Sundown on Lake Constance

Still no pictures of my sewing, so at least MyGuy has provided a lovely picture of yesterday's sundown over Lake Constance.
I have cut the purple pieces for Jared takes a Wife (at least I think I have) and am looking forward to some time with the sewing machine.
I might have to wait a bit longer as it seems I have caught the flu that MyGuy had the whole of last week. Eeek! Did not need that at all.
I bought some additional sheets for the spring season, can't wait to take the flannel sheets off and have some spring ones on!

16 March 2009

Got my patchwork mojo back

but my photography mojo is still somewhere under all that fabric... I finished my stash project from Judy. But too late to enter the draw for the scissors, so congratulations to Sue. I also finished the center of my boy's baby quilt. MyGuy really likes those colors, but it is too small for him. I guess I will have to make a larger orange and blue quilt soon. He certainly deserves one.
But for the moment I have started cutting pieces for Bonnie's green challenge: Jared takes a wife. I always wanted to try a purple, green, orange triadic color scheme and this one might just work. Not sure about the star centes yet, but for now I have cut 360 green 5.5 cm squares. Purple is next: 240 squares and 240 rectangles.

09 March 2009

Sewing on the Stash Project

Judy had a Stash Project and I could not resist. I sewed an additional 7 blocks to make it longer and put in the setting triangles this weekend. No picture as it is terribly crumbly and needs ironing. I am trying to decide on the borders now. And I will certainly make it again in bright colors with I SPY centers.

02 March 2009

Crochet a good thing?

Look at this photo on Betty's blog (needs no words):