30 July 2009


We went to see the movie Hangover on Tuesday and laughed quite hard. We had seen some stuff on the previews and were happy to find that we had not seen all the good bits. We knew they had lost the groom, but in the movie that came early too, so it was not a spoiler at all. Fluffy, but fun!

26 July 2009

Spaghetti Socks Picture

This is my rvised Spaghetti Sock. Iout the spiral in, because it reminds me of Spaghetti twisted around the fork. I have reached the heel on sock number one and think it looks okay. MyGuy should be getting a new pair of socks sometime soon.

22 July 2009

Spaghetti Socks cast on

I have cast on Vollkornspaghetti mit Tomatensauce, but ripped it again, and now am doing them without the knotted rib, using a twisted stitch instead. Going nicely. Will soon take a picture.

18 July 2009

Finally a finished object

Finished object after a long long time. These are the socks I started 2 weeks ago at the knitting meeting. They are stockinette stitch as I wanted to get a clear picture of how Betty's blanks would turn out. I love the colors a lot (not that that will surprise people who know me). I have two small balls of yarn left and as I now have two small people in my life: Maja born in January and Liam born in June, I will have no trouble finding a recipient for some kiddie socks.

I am know going to cast on for MyGuys spaghetti socks. As I could not find a spaghetti or noodle socks pattern, I fell back to Barbara Walker and her First Treasury for Knotted Rib combined with broad spiral rib.

16 July 2009


I am currently reading the Origin of Virtue and it is not as dry as I feared. This book is about why humans (and other organisms) cooperate and how this can be explained. Not sure if it is still up to date on all the science, but still fodder for thought. On the other hand it is not exciting enough to keep my nose in it the whole commute, so my socks are slowely growing, too.

Yesterday we were at the movies where we watched Pelham 123. I always love Denzel Washington, but thought John Travolta was a bit overdoing it. All together a pleasant evening and an interesting movie. If the weather improves we might go see Gran Torino in the open air cinema on Friday.

14 July 2009

Formula 1 Socks

No not because of the color, but because I knit most of the first one while watching the qualifying and the race at Nürburg last weekend. Now I have reached the heel on the second one, so they should get finished at some point soon. Better start balling the Spaghetti yarn.

12 July 2009


These are the results of our recent knit meeting when we were dying sock wool.

This one does not have a name, but I really like the turquois, so all is well. It is pure wool.

This one I call Sarah Kaye, because it reminds me of those figures in my youth. It contains cotton.

This one is called Spaghetti with Tomatoesauce. Includes cotton, too. This one will likely be the first I knit and likely go to MyGuy as he is a wonderful cook

09 July 2009

Pattern on Etsy

I really like this pattern that I saw on Etsy: Boca Blessing. Reminds me of recent Judy pattern, though they are different enough.


I am currently on a reading jag and have now finished 3 books in the last week: Bavarian Crisis by Eric Flint, Stepsisters Scheme by Jim Hines and Alcatrez vs the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson. The first one is the latest installment of the Ring of Fire series and I keep enjoying them. Stepsisters is a new take on fairy tales and having enjoyed Jim's Goblin books I am pleased that I liked this one too, though the cover art is bad. Alcatrez is a youth book and I have preordered the second one, so antother enjoyable read.

This morning I have taken up The Origin of Virtue which should prove more of a challenge as it is a non-fiction book on why humans cooperate. I have only read the preface so far, as I decided to knit a bit on my socks during the second leg of my commute.