21 February 2010

Knitting at Eva's

Some busy knitters with our mascot Emily Strickliesel before the migration to the couch happened.

Hish is fighting with her wool to get it wound up.

Betty3 with her newly aquired wine red yarn before taking on the wool winder. (Betty your eyes were about the same color as the yarn, hope you don't mind that I changed that.)

I have ribbed back the top of my hat twice at home. Once due to not liking the result as per pattern and once due to not being able to count to 13 more than once. Now I am on track again and hope to have another hat finished soon.

Seeing all the lovely Calendulas makes me want to dig out my Ringelblume from Ramona and cast them on, but I have a few things to finish first. Among them my Ravelympics socks.

1 comment:

Bettina said...

huhu du hast schöne Photos gemacht...war wieder richtig toll :.....

Betty die bald Auftrag Nr. 3 erledigt hat.....