14 February 2010

Some Knitting Pictures

This it is the second Tychus I have cast on, the first already went to a friend for all his help. This one is for me. I think I have figured out a way to reduce the holes at the turn and as with the first I did a provisional cast on and will graft the hat.

This is my project for the Ravelympics, cast on yesterday morning which is as close to the openig as I could make it. As toe up is still a new thing for me the cast on was not so nice, but practice will improve that I think

Lastly my last pair of commuting socks that I finished. These ones are for me, out of one of the Regia balls Betty sold me. Her hubby is allergic to Regia, but I am pleased to have them. Especially I love those colors and think a sweater like that would be fabulous.

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