11 December 2006

Chunkster Challenge

As you can see from my side bar I plan on joining another challenge. It is fairly flexible, and I will have Moby Dick from the classics as one of my chunksters. I am thinking of adding one each months for the 6 months the challenge is on, but I have to have a look at my books first to see which ones are over 400 pages. I might smuggle Eldest in there as Eragon was 496 pages in my edition. But I have to have a look see.

Any other reading challenges out there? Do you challenge yourself? What sort of challenges do you put on yourselves?


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! So glad to see the Chunkster Challenge has been announced and that bookfool has made it so flexible. I plan on picking 5 books of which I will probably read three. Good on you for picking Moby Dick, can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Another book challenge?? Fun, fun, fun - but where will we find the time?? Less work & more play I guess.
Your socks all look great!!!!
Last week I finally picked up Frederick again and have made a little progress. Now he's starting to take shape & looks so nice that I'm anxious to get back to him each evening.

Bookfool said...


I'm glad you're joining in on the Chunkster Challenge! Great socks - I need to learn to knit; it's on my list of "things to learn, this year".

I completely forgot I have Moby Dick on my own shelves and will look forward to seeing what you have to say about it. :)