06 December 2006

Classics Challenge

I have decided to accept the classics challenge. This should likely count to my TBR challenge as well, but let me try stretching myself and adding those on.

I chose the following:

Moby Dick
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Night & Day
Silas Marner

That is likely rather ambitious, but at least it should get me started.


Stitch or no stitch said...

Oh, this sounds like fun, fun, fun. Let me get my list together. Can I combine the two lists if I have classics in my TBR pile?

Anonymous said...

Kucki, how wonderful that you are joining in the Classic Challenge. I believe you are my first blogger acquantance from Germany. Very cool. I have not read any of the books on your list, but want to someday, except Moby Dick. I can pass on that one, though my hubby loved it.

Lolly said...

So many good books ahead! I enjoyed many of these when I read them!

Thanks for your recommendations on my blog post ;)

Anonymous said...

I picked Moby Dick too! Yes! Another person to share my pain... and plans on when you would read it?

Bybee said...

What's Night and Day? Who wrote it?

I read Moby Dick because I HAD to for a class in The American Renaissance. Didn't really like it at the time. Now, I think I'd like to try it again...I'm seeing it on other lists!