16 December 2006

Lost and Finished

I lost my brown knitted hat last week when dozens of people behind me leaving the bus and walking to the train did not see it fit to mention that my backpack was open. When I noticed and turned around to go find my knitting some "kind" soul said "you lost something back there". I was ready to strangle the bitch and I fill the urge whenever I see her commuting on the same train with me every damn day.... Anyway, at that time I did not notice that I should have walked further back and retrieved my hat somewhere too. So I did what any sensible knitter does: I knit a new one. I had been itching to make an Odessa from Grumperia. It did turn out nice, though you can not see too much in the photo. I left the beads of and knit the YO through the back to prevent holes and am happy with the result.


Petra said...

Tja, es ist irgendwie schon traurig, wie unaufmerksam, unnahbar und selbstzentriert manche Leute doch sind. Ich denke mir immer, behandle andere Leute wie du selbst behandelt werden möchtest.


Anonymous said...

Good job on the hat! I can't even knit .... anything. I lost my black leather gloves the other day. When I thought I lost them I thought 'Oh no I have way too many bags. I probably stuck them in one of them there.' Yeah well I didnt. I share your pain man.

Good luck on the challenges. I signed up for 'em 3 as well!

Bybee said...

What a great picture. Nice hat & I love the sweater...did you knit that as well?

Anonymous said...

I think it's gorgeous and suits you very well, too! Hope you're having a wonderful festive season so far!