18 December 2006

Eragon - the film

You might remember that I read the book in a frenzy to have it finished before the movie started showing in Germany. I liked the book quite a bit, even with all the bad rep it got for being a rip off of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Dragonriders of Pern. After all how many original ideas do you get in romance for example? I'd rather read a well written retake than a bad original in this case. I am looking forward to reading Eldest as part of my chunkster challenge.

But the movie, oh boy, so bad. It is naturally a very shortened version of the book, but it was in some places hardly recognizable at all. Jeremy Irons was good and I liked the look of the guy who played Murtagh, but apart from that it was deciedely blah. MyGuy has only seen the movie and he thought it was more a fairy tale for kids than a decent fantasy for grown ups. So while the dragon animation is good for the most part, the movie fell flat of our expectations both for the reader and the non-reader. We spent a nice evening, but this is not going anywhere on our recommendation list.

Flush and away which we saw the week before however was funny and I am sure will end up in our DVD collection.


Literary Feline said...

Hi, Kucki. Thank you for your review. While I'm not surprised by your comments, it is disappointing just the same. I still want to satisfy my own curiosity, but this may very well be a movie I wait to see on DVD. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

A. Estella Sassypants said...

I've heard the same sentiments from everyone I know who's seen Eragon, so I'll be passing on that one!

Good to hear that Flushed Away was worthwhile. I've been pretty disappointed with most of the kid movies I've seen lately--especially Over the Hedge. I hold out hope that Monster House is fun. Will probably order it from pay per view or Netflix this week.