22 January 2007

Reading Funk

Currently I do not feel like reading anything at all. I have a bunch of books to read for several challenges and am unsurprised that I do not want to read any of those. But I do not want to read anything else either and that is unusual. None of my new books or my favorite authors really tickle my fancy...

I guess that way at least I get my Railway Socks for the Vintage KAL finished. I started sock number 2 yesterday and it was my blog reading knitting.

My red sweater is almost finished, but I do not like the way the raglan looks, it is lumpy under the arms and along the raglan line. Likely I will rip it. Ugh. But with that sweaters karma not surprising, after all I needed three starts to get that right. At least the body looks good and the sleeves are fine, too, now I just need to get the yoke right.


cess said...

Same here...I'm in a non-reading mood this week too. I hope to catch up again but hey...that's life I guess.
So happy reading again LOL.

Bellezza said...

Don't you hate when that happen? (Nothing you have stacked up to read tickles your fancy; a project doesn't turn out quite right...) Perhaps its Winter Doldrums and things will look up as the weather warms. Best to you in the meantime.

Sahara said...

Hey there!

I can totally understand. I'm in a reading funk too. I've been listening to an audio book while working on a needlepoint, but that's different. I purchased a number of books from someone's collection at a second-hand store, which I was pretty excited about at the time, but now the titles bore me. What's goin on? I guess it's best to just ride it out. Ah, wintertime.