03 January 2007

And another pair of socks...

This are the Child's First Sock Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks in Meilenweit Cotton. This socks have been WIPs ever since blue month in Project Spectrum and I got fed up with them hoging my needles and my sock bag, so while I had the flu the last 4 days I finally finished them while watching biathlon and skijumping.

In front of the blogs I knit on my red sweater, but that has not been photographed yet again. But I just measured it against my beloved Rosedale and I think it will work great. I have reconsidered the Hybrid approach as I am not sure I will like the saddles with the shaping and the yarn. I do however consider either a yoke with moss stitch patterns or a raglan with a polo-shirt collar. Hmmm. 6 more rows at the body I think and then the sleeves, that will give me some time to consider the options. It may depend on what patterns I can find. I am thinking chevrons.

I am also reading my first book for the tbr challange and am not enjoying it all that much. Nonetheless I managed this morning to ALMOST miss my train station not once but twice. I guess I needed a getaway. My flu was annoying enough spoiling 3 days of work, but this night My Guy's father had a stroke and went to hospital. Luckily the reports are very favorable. I have not been as I consider it unwise to spread viruses or bazilla in an intensive care unit. Sent good thoughts for him, there are more health issues there.

I hope everyone else is starting the new year on a more positive note. I have made only one resolution and that is to give up coke for all of 2007. I did it for a month in 2006, but have a hard time keeping the intake down, so I am kicking the can completely this year.

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