31 January 2007

WIP Wednesday

First a finished object. These are my railway socks from Vintage Knitting, finished in time for the January challenge in the yahoo group. The pattern is not very visible with this yarn, but I do love them and am wearing them now.

This one is an older WIP with blocks inspired by Gwen Marston's wonderful book Liberated Quiltmaking. I am considering leaving it like this, adding a sawtooth border or adding a flying geese border (both borders liberated, naturally). Any input will be welcome. I do not have any of the grey left, but have a lighter grey that might work. I love the bright pinks, they cheer me up in dreary January.

I am quite sick this week (again!), but obviously, so are my knits. My red sweater will have to be ripped back to the joining of the body and the sleeves as the raglan looks bad and does not really fit well. Without photo, but also aiming for the frog pond are a Make Waves sock in blue (to tight) and a white sock (ladders! I can not remember having ladders in my socks. But then I normally do not do them in purl stitches. I think doing the offending stitch in combination knitting should solve the problem, but it means ripping back.) Then I really wanted to knit simple stockinett socks and I made a mess out of the yarn ball- I finally cut the offending part of to untangle seperately and started the sock. I normally have left overs, so hope this will be fine.


Literary Feline said...

Those socks look so warm!

fillyjonk said...

I like the idea of a sawtooth border. Or maybe a series of "prairie points" with another border behind them?

I think the light grey would look good.