17 January 2007


Railway Socks. These are for the January Challenge in the Vintage Socks Knit Along. The yarn is not ideal for this pattern, but I like both, so I just keep knitting. I will need a second one for the challenge, so I better keep going.

These are my broadway mitts. As you can see, not much is missing, but since it is warm enough to not consider wearing a jacket when going for lunch, I feel no need to hurry them along. Especially since they are on the 3mm needles I do not really need.

This is the first of my making waves socks. As it is not going well without cable needle, they are progressing really slowly. Finishing them is likely going to be part of the Project Spectrum Challenge for February/March.

This is the mitt for Sharfika, inspired by the pink scarf I am knitting from Grumperia's pattern Sharfik.

And this is the actualy Sharfika. Neither the Sharfika nor her mitts get much work done on them, because, you guessed it, it's too warm.

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