26 February 2010

More pictures

More pictures from the last meeting to be found at Betty's blog: Meeting.

23 February 2010

Hat: Dancing Ladies

I really like this hat that I have found while blog surfing: Dancing Ladies.

21 February 2010

Knitting at Eva's

Some busy knitters with our mascot Emily Strickliesel before the migration to the couch happened.

Hish is fighting with her wool to get it wound up.

Betty3 with her newly aquired wine red yarn before taking on the wool winder. (Betty your eyes were about the same color as the yarn, hope you don't mind that I changed that.)

I have ribbed back the top of my hat twice at home. Once due to not liking the result as per pattern and once due to not being able to count to 13 more than once. Now I am on track again and hope to have another hat finished soon.

Seeing all the lovely Calendulas makes me want to dig out my Ringelblume from Ramona and cast them on, but I have a few things to finish first. Among them my Ravelympics socks.

16 February 2010

Mom's Quilt

This is what my mom made in that class we took late last year.

14 February 2010

Some Knitting Pictures

This it is the second Tychus I have cast on, the first already went to a friend for all his help. This one is for me. I think I have figured out a way to reduce the holes at the turn and as with the first I did a provisional cast on and will graft the hat.

This is my project for the Ravelympics, cast on yesterday morning which is as close to the openig as I could make it. As toe up is still a new thing for me the cast on was not so nice, but practice will improve that I think

Lastly my last pair of commuting socks that I finished. These ones are for me, out of one of the Regia balls Betty sold me. Her hubby is allergic to Regia, but I am pleased to have them. Especially I love those colors and think a sweater like that would be fabulous.

12 February 2010


Yesterday I have given our friend, who has done a lot of taxi duty for MyGuy and keeping him company, the Tychus hat I specifically made for him. I believe he was very pleased! I threatened him with the need for a photo, but have not been able to get one yet.

MyGuy is still on sick leave, but has been able to tie his own shoes and to drive locally (stick shift is not easy if your right hand is wounded). So getting better!

05 February 2010

MyGuy progress

My Guy has on Wednesday for the first time since his accident driven a car. It was akward and slow and he does not want to go long distances, but at least he knows it will work again.

03 February 2010

Bonnie's new book

I received the new books for Elke, Renate, Luisa and myself the day before yesterday and yesterday finally had time to look at mine. Some of the quilts I knew from Bonnie's blog, but others were new. A nice book, however it needs to be aired first.

I am thinking of making a patriotic Irish chain (block background, red and yellow chain), but for it to be leaders and enders I would have to get back to actually sewing. Need to clean that room up first.

01 February 2010


Betty was in the Wollmeise Shop and one of the hanks is mine! Yeah! But I have yet to pay her, so better get that done.

I finished a hairband, but need to block it. MyGuy says it looks like socks, but that is because I used the left overs from his get well socks. He is doing much better with physiotherapy and patience, but has another week of sick leave and we are not sure if that is all. The poor dude is getting cabin fever.

I have started the second of his Valentine's Day Hugs and Kisses socks and hope to have them finished in time. I also started a pair for myself from the Regia Betty has sold to me: blue and purple after all this brown and beige is such a joy! They are easy ribbed ones as I was knitting them while watching the skiing events this weekend. Now they are done until the Olympic games.

Apart from that we had a quiet weekend enjoying each others company and the snow outside.